We have years of experience helping students and internationals with housing placements and immersion programs in Canada. Here’s what some of them say:


“thank you for giving us the opportunity to have a student. It was really such a nice experience to be around someone from a different culture. Though, it was hard to say goodbye when they’ve become part of our family.”
– J.D., host in Vancouver

“Its was so nice in vancouver, thanks for your helpful 🙂 the place by Y was soooo good so beautiful :-)”
– I.K. from Switzerland

“I really enjoyed my Homestay, my hosts were very kind and friendly and helped me with everything they could about being in a new culture and city. It was a really good experience.”
– E.H. from México

“When I first moved to Vancouver, I was excited by the unknown. I was not able to secure a place to stay before I arrived and so I was worried and weary before the process of establishing a new life had even begun. Despite my fears, God was gracious to me. In less than a week I was able to find a temporary place to stay which Lucia helped to organize. I then found a more permanent rental to call home and a job that I love. In my workplace and my new home I am thankful to feel needed and supported. Transitioning to a new place can be difficult at first, but it is a good lesson in trusting God and letting Him use the people you meet to help you along the way.”
– B.N. from Ontario, Canada

“Thank you so much for doing all these for me and M.
We will visit G’s place this evening and take a look..
Once we get this done and successfully move into a new room,
we will definitely invite you to visit us.”
– J.C. from Taiwan

“I’m leaving tomorrow and now what all I want to say is thank you! For all! It is really my fortunate meeting you here in awesome Vancouver. I really enjoy every moment together with you! First day picking us up from YVR Airport, discuss together, picnic together, having a concert together, going to church together, going to bible study together and so forth. I’d really like to thank you for your time, your generous help and all! I believe we’ll meet someday in future, right? ..all the best wishes. Keep in touch!”
– D.L. from China

“What can I say? Thank you sooo much for making the orientation a huge success! Thank you for all you did for our new International Clubs Days and for housing for international students! Also for your smiles and encouragement during the busiest times.”
– S.C., UBC staff